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A short look at my experience with MasterPapers.com

I had personal experience with a few writing services during my college years. After all, I needed some help every once in a while. This time I decided to take a look at a different service to have my paper finished and I found MasterPapers.com by accident. The tag-line of “over 2,000 experts” caught my eye and I decided to take a look since the website has apparently been up and running since 2004. But does this company reliable? You will know it after reading this Masterpapers review

Quality of service
While MasterPapers.com indeed advertises having over 2,000 experts working for them (not writers, mind you), I found it odd that I can’t find any testimonials or reviews that would fill me with confidence. All I found were reviews like “Great!” or “Best on the market!” and similar. These were not really constructive and didn’t give me any indications as to what quality of service are we talking about here.

MasterPapers.com doesn’t offer any insight into which their writers really are; only that they are experts in their fields and that they can write anything from art to physics, which is fine. If that’s the case, why does MasterPapers.com advertise that they hire freelancers and researchers of any caliber? I just found it odd and contradictory.

Customer support
Customer support on MasterPapers.com offer the usual 24/7 availability, phone call options and live chat. What I found odd was that their customer service is completely unfamiliar with their own products. They couldn’t tell me what the best deals were or which course of action was best for my situation. It’s kind off a turn off when the “customer service” can’t answer your questions. You guys are writing papers that affect student’s grades.

The price models were just about the only thing that was clear from the start. Offering deals that start at 14.95$ per page was pretty affordable compared to many websites out there. The price is easily calculated with their online tool and you can use pretty much any form of payment out there. They even offer 10% discounts for first papers and further discounts for regulars, which I found pretty neat. The prices themselves are pretty reasonable as well, especially because the website is in business since 2004.

While the prices are pretty clear and affordable, everything else about MasterPapers.com was simply strange. What can you tell about a writing service that claims to be professional when the only thing clear about them is their pricing structure? Their online service was less than informed and there was a clear lack of any concrete reviews or proof of their writer’s expertise; apart from the “they are experts” tag-line, of course. I decided to keep searching for my go-to website since I decided that MasterPapers.com wasn’t worth the risk; I had a deadline to uphold with my paper after all.
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