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People’s Emotions in Daily Life

BlogReview of PrivateWritingPeople’s Emotions in Daily Life
As a student who is perpetually on an emotional roller coaster ride of life, I will admit that it is quite challenging to be rational at all times, in all situations. But I have come to realize that recognizing one’s feelings is a road that can lead to emotional sensibility. Most of the time I am in denial of what I truly feel about certain situations in life. The most common source of emotions in my daily life would be whenever people ask the simple question “How are you?” Sometimes I’m torn between expressing a truthful, lengthy answer, or succumb to the socially acceptable process of small talk. The question “How are you?” has become a manner of respectful greeting, and we expect people to simply answer “I’m doing fine, and how about you?” But another factor depends on who is asking and evaluating if that person genuinely cares about my answer. Whenever greeted with that particular question, I usually take the road of small talk and end it as soon as possible. Which then leads me to evaluate afterward about how I am really feeling. Sometimes I talk to myself to make sure I am okay, and if I feel otherwise, I make sure, to be honest, and do something about it. I do not let my bad feelings pile up because then that will lead to an emotional breakdown. It is all about looking after one’s self and facing your feelings head on. That is how I keep my emotional state healthy, by being truthful and recognizing my feelings. But then again, I am still learning how to be a rational teenager who can deal with problems immediately. It is always easier said than done, but I am lucky to have my family and friends as a support system that will really see to it that I am doing more than okay. One example of having my mom as a support system is she can usually sense if I am having a good or bad day. Call it a mother’s instinct, but she makes sure to talk me through handling my emotions especially during the bad days. She knows that I deeply care about my academic performance, and whenever I get low grades or fail on an exam or a project, she asks how I feel about it, and encourages me to use this feeling and motivate myself to give it my best efforts next time. I always feel so much better after talking to my mom about my problems. Genuine conversations with people who show they care about you can really go a long way. I realize that I am young and I have a lot to learn on how to handle emotions like a rational human being.  Being honest and having someone to talk to are probably two of the many factors I have to consider on how to be fully emotionally equipped to survive this life.